Privacy Policy

What information about site visitors we collect and why


When a visitor to our website leaves any comment, we have the right to use the data we receive, including data about the user’s computer device. This identification is used to combat intrusive advertising – spam.

Your internet address generates a hash, which is an anonymous string. The Gravatar site can be used to check the hash. To familiarize yourself with the rules of this service, activate the link

This spam control allows you to delete comments related to intrusive advertising. If the comment successfully passes this procedure, it is published on our resource.

Media data

If you post graphics on our site, avoid files that contain geographic information. They can be used in unseemly interests by outsiders.

What data collection method we use

Internet cookies

So that after writing a comment, the user can always return to it, so-called cookies are used. This is very convenient for the commentator, since in the future he can make comments without constantly entering information about himself. There is a one-year lifetime of cookies from the date of assignment.

These files are always temporary. They are assigned to visitors to our web resource exclusively for checking the browser of each such user. The assigned cookie does not transmit any information about the visitor to our site and ceases to exist after its closure.

When a visitor enters our web platform, this also generates a number of cookies. Thus, the site remembers the information used by the visitor in order to enter the system, as well as its screen parameters. Such electronic documents for integration into the system exist for 48 hours, and for screen parameters – a year. If you activate the corresponding option for the system to remember you, your username will not need to be entered when logging in for 2 weeks. When logging out of the account, the input electronic documents are eliminated by the system.

If you post a message on the site or edit an already posted one, a cookie appears for its identification. It does not carry any information about the user, having sent a message and functions only for 24 hours.

Embedded third-party data

Our web platform may use information taken from a third-party source (we are talking about videos, graphics, texts, etc.). When a visitor to our site interacts with them, such inclusions function according to the rules of those Internet resources from where they were taken.

These sites can receive personal information about you, generate electronic cookie documents, record your interactions with embedded inclusions if you are registered.

Analytical information

Who is your information disclosed to and how long has it been in the system?

The information that the user automatically reports about himself when leaving a comment is stored indefinitely. This is necessary so that the comment can be subsequently answered, and not at all for the purpose of any censorship.

Registration on our web platform means that the information about your identity that you voluntarily enter while logging in remains on our site. However, you can read, erase or delete them whenever you like, without giving any reason. However, the name you entered as a custom name never changes. You are allowed to the information about your person and you can edit them not only by you, but also by the administration.

Your right to know about your data

Your personal information about yourself, as well as each comment that you post on our site, gives you the opportunity to find out which of the data you provide we use. As soon as you request the deletion of any information about you in the system, we will do it as quickly as possible, unless the law requires otherwise.

Where We Send Information About You

Whatever you comment on our site, this content is checked for spam ads. Thus, we maintain the security of the Internet resource that belongs to us.